He is so ....... that everyone is always............ to help him in his work.

helpful, reluctant

aloof, cooperative

adamant, enthusiastic

miserly, ignorant

magnanimous, eager

Description (বিবরণ) :

প্রশ্ন: He is so ....... that everyone is always............ to help him in his work.


Magnanimous means generous, forgiving, good behavior shower and eager means wanting to. So when a person is magnanimous or generous everyone will be eager to help him.

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Due to ...... rainfall this year, there will be ......... cut in water supply.

enough, substantial

meager, least

sufficient, no

surplus, abundant

abundant, considerable

Description (বিবরণ) :

Sufficient means enough. If three were enough rainfall, water supply would be enough too, no need for cutting water supply.

We can......... to travel by air, but we............. train journey.

plan, enjoy

aspire, comute

afford, prefer

decide, undertook

decline, accepted

Description (বিবরণ) :

Here “but” indicates that thought they can pay for air travel, they would rather travel by train.

I shall ......... him if he......... to me for his misconduct.

pardon, commits

forgive, apologises

reprimand, commands

punish, abuses

forgive, refrains

Description (বিবরণ) :

One forgives someone else for his misconduct that is wrong doing when he apologies to the one.

the Deputy Manager ........... to resign because all his proposals were ...... down by his superions.

offered, thrown

gave, held

began, kept

began, kept

willing, knocked

Description (বিবরণ) :

“Turn down” means to disapprove.

If a family was randomly picked from the families in the previous question, what is the probability (approximately) of that family having children as members?






A rectangular carpet, that is 9 feet by 12 feet, covers 60% of a rectangular floor. What is the area of the floor?

300 square feet

180 square feet

108 square feet

64.8 square feet

64.8 feet

Which of the following greater than, 2/3?






The average of 7 numbers of 40. If 3 more numbers, with an average of 21, are added to these numbers, what will be the average of the combined 10 number?






If Ms. Rehana (from the previous question) leaves Town A at 8:00 am, how long would she have to wait for the train at Town B. if she takes the first available train after her arrival?

10 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes

40 minutes

50 minutes

Per column inch (1 column * 1 inch) area newspaper advertisement costs Tk. 1,200. How much would a "5 columns by 3 inches" newspaper advertisement cost?

Tk. 3,600

Tk. 6,000

Tk. 9,600

Tk. 18,000

Tk. 45,000