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Every age and every country has held views on the appropriate education for their young man and women. The aim of education inevery age has been to help prepare the citizen for life in the‘modern world’. Education typically centers on three aspects of the individual's nature: his mind, his body , his sprit. In some periods ; of history, the development of the mind or intellect is stressed more :“than the others. We may be in such a period today in most’countries of the world, when an understanding of science and: technology is considered the mark of an educated man. The well-being of the body is seen as the primary necessity for survival in,periods or places of physical strife or hardship. The great eras of 'exploration, migration and military exploitation emphasize man’s physical nature. More peaceful times and places, on the other 'hand, encourage the education of the citizenry toward the spiritual;life. Many of the world’s great spiritual writings are the results of such education. Although education usually includes much that is traditional, it frequently reinterprets tradition. The purpose is to instruct men and women to meet the contemporary world.

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