Question Passage: In an effort to produce the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ship afloat the British built the S.S Titanic. It was so superior to anything else on the seas that it was dubbed "unsinkable" So Sure of this were the owners that they provided only twenty lifeboats and rafts, less than one half the number needed for the 2227 passengers on board.   Many passengers were abroad the night it rammed an iceberg, only two days at sea and more than halfway between England and its New York destination. Because the luxury liner was traveling so fast, it was impossible to avoid the ghostly looking iceberg. An extinguished fire also contributed to the ship's submersion. Panic increased the number of casualties as people jumped into the Four hours after the mishap, another ship,  the  Carpathia, rescued the 705  survivors. 

Answer the following question:

Complete the following sentence by using the most "appropriate word" given below: Decibel is the ____ of measuring sound "





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