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Former Indian president and eminent missile technologist Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam said that sustainable economic growth and prosperity can help a country to reduce the risk of terrorism, one of the most pressing problems now troubling different corners of the world. People get ‘volved in terrorism out of frustration and failure to meet their economic need”, he said. Only a sustainable economic development of a country can put an end to terrorism. The scientist emphasizes and offers an alternative cure at a time when the world is conducting a ruthless “war on terrorism”. Addressing an interactive program with leading businessmen, professionals entrepreneurs, Mr. Kalam suggested in finding out die root of terrorism and looking for proper remedial measures. “The higher he economic growth, the lower will be the incidence of terrorism”-he told to the next generations.

Terrorism in the sub continenet
Religious value and Terrorism
sustainable development can can fuel Terrorism
Economic Prosperity can drive out Terrorism
Political ideology
Frustration stemming from economic failure
Adventurism of section of people
Regional disparities
A country should conduct a ruthless economic war on terrorism.
A country should take a hard time against terrorism.
A country should attain a high degree of economic prosperity.
A country should ensure sustainable economic development.
There is a positive relationship relationship between terrorism and economic development.
Terrorism is a global phenomenon and can be eliminated by war.
There is a negative relationship between terrorism and economic development.
There is no relationship between terrorism and economic.
Stop the terrorism by war
Reduce the terrorism activities
Reduce terrorism by increasing economic growth.
Showing disparities between war and terrorism.
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The man empathically refused to confers guilt.
The man was stubborn enough to confer guilt.
The man refused to confers his guilt.
The man told that he did not confers guilt.

He said that do the work.

He requested doing the work.

He ordered to do the work.

He told doing the work.

He said that he has worked for sunrise.
He said that he has been working since sunrise.
He said that he is working since sunrise.
He said that he had been working since sunrise.
Who will be done the work?
Who will do the work?
By whom will the work be done?
Whom will the work be done?
After being driven to the museum professor Kumar was dropped at his hotel.
Professor Kumar was being driven dropped at his hotel.
After she had driven professor Kumar to the museum she had dropped him at his hotel.
After she was driven professor Kumar to the museum she had dropped him at his hotel.
Who has been created this mess?
By whom has this mess been created?
By whom this mess is being created?
By whom is this mess being created?
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কাজর রূপ কালো
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কালো যএ কাজল
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