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New Vocabularies: Sky lantern, Hug. Bend, Wrapped, Explode, Giggle, Nodded, Delight, Temple, Protima, Gaze at, Key theme, Author, Observe.


Look at the illustrations of the festivals usually celebrated in Bangladesh, Now, in pairs/groups, match the names of the festivals given below with the pictures. Then, discuss the following questions in pairs.


বাংলাদেশে সাধারণভাবে উদযাপিত নিচের উৎসবসমূহের ছবিগুলো দেখ। এখন জোড়ায় দলে উৎসবের নামগুলোর সাথে ছবিগুলো মিলাও। তারপর জোড়ায় নিচের প্রশ্নগুলো আলোচনা করো।



  1. Which of these festivals do you celebrate?
  2. What do you know about these festivals?
  3. What do you love about these festivals? 
  4. 4. Do you have any good memories of any of these festivals?




Bangladesh is a country of festivals. Throughout the year, we celebrate different types of festivals such as religious, national and cultural. Now, in pairs/groups complete the following table and share with the class.

বাংলাদেশ উৎসবের দেশ। সারা বছর জুড়ে আমরা বিভিন্ন উৎসব পালন করি যেমন ধর্মীয়, জাতীয় ও সাংস্কৃতিক উৎসব। এখন জোড়ায় দলে নিচের সারণিটি সম্পূর্ণ করো এবং শ্রেণিতে তা উপস্থাপন করো।


The festivals we celebrate

What is the name of the festival?

When do you observe it?

What kind of dress do you wear?

What are the foods you eat?

Where do you activities visit?

What fun do you do?





In pairs/groups, read the names of the festivals in the box below and then categorise them in the right columns in terms of their types. Now, write 2-3 differences among these festivals. One is done for you.

জোড়ায় দলে নিচের Box এর উৎসবের নামগুলো পড়ো। ডান কলামে তাদের ধরন অনুযায়ী তাদেরকে ভাগ করো। এখন এই উৎসবগুলোর মধ্যে ২-৩ টি পার্থক্য লেখ। একটি উদাহরণ হিসেবে তোমাদের জন্য করে দেয়া আছে।


Eid-al-Fitr, Durga Puja, Christmas, Prabarona Purnima, Pahela Boishakh, Mother Language Day, Diwali, Independence Day, Easter Sunday, Victory Day, Nabanno, Eid-al-Azha.


Types of festivals

Name of the festivals














Differences among these festivals:

  1. Religious festivals are celebrated mainly by people from different religions. For example, the Muslims celebrate Eid, the Hindus celebrate Durga puja etc. But, cultural and national festivals are celebrated by the people of all religions. 
  2. ………………………………………….
  3. ………………………………………………



Read the story Four Friends” in pairs/groups.


Four Friends

Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

 Translated by Yeshim Iqbal


Sadib, Nandini, Anti, and Micheal were best friends. They played together and sometimes they got into trouble together. Sometimes they would even get angry at each other while they were playing and then they would stop talking to each other! But they couldn’t ever stop talking for long, so they always made up again.

One day Nandini, Anti, and Michael went to Sadib’s house to play. When they got there, he was walking on his bed with his shoes on. Nandini asked, “Sadib, what are you doing?”


Sadib said, “These are brand new shoes. They’ll get dirty if I walk on the ground with them, so I’m walking on the bed instead!”

Michael said, “But you’re supposed to walk on the ground! That’s why people wear shoes.”

Sadib replied, “I know! I’m going to go outside with these new shoes tomorrow. And new pants and a new shirt, too, Tomorrow everything will be new!”

Anti asked, “Why is everything new tomorrow?”

Sadib replied, “Tomorrow is Eid! That’s why everything will be new! Eid is a wonderful day. Everyone gets new clothes and shoes. My mother will cook the most delicious food you ever ate. And tomorrow everyone visits all their friends and family!”

Nandini asked, “What should we do tomorrow?”

Sadib said, “You all have to come over tomorrow too! Tomorrow we will have a lot of fun at my house!”

The next day Sadib woke up very early. He put on his new clothes. Then

He went to Eid prayers with his father. After the prayers, everyone gave each

Other special Eid hugs. Sadib was much smaller than all the grown-ups, so to

Give him an Eid hug the grown ups had to bend down!

When they got home, Sadib’s mother had set out all kinds of delicious foods to eat on the table. While everyone was eating, the doorbell rang. Ting tong!

Sadib ran to the door to open it. It was his cousins, and their arms were full of wrapped presents! As soon as they saw him, they all shouted, “Eid Mubarak!”

Sadib shouted “Eid Mubarak!” even louder. Then everyone hugged each other. When he was done hugging everyone Sadib asked his older cousin, “Apu, who are all these gifts for?”

Apu said, “Today is Eid, so everybody gets a gift!”

Sadib asked, “Everybody?”

“Yes! Everybody!”

Sadib thought for a moment. Then he asked. “My friends Nandini, Anti, and Michael are coming today. Do they get gifts too?”

“Yes, they do too!”

Before they were done talking the doorbell rang again. Sadib ran back to the door. This time it was Nandini, Anti, and Michael. They shouted, “Eid Mubarak!”

Sadib shouted even louder. “Eid Mubarak!” They all came inside together. Sadib’s mother sat everyone down at the table. Everyone started to eat. When Michael was done eating he said, “I ate so much that I think my belly will explode!”

Everyone giggled. Then Sadib said, “Guess what! My Apu brought gifts

For everyone today!”

Anti’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Sadib said, “Yes, really! For all of you too!”

Nandini, Anti, and Michael clapped their hands. “Hooray!”

Sadib’s Apu gave everyone a gift then, Sadib got a colouring box, Nandini

Got a box of chocolate, Anti got a notebook, and Michael got a tennis ball. They had so much fun with their new toys!

That night when she went home, Nandini said to her mother, “Do you

Know how much fun we had today?” Nandini’s mother nodded. “Yes! Eid is always a wonderful day.

Nandini asked, “How come we don’t have an Eid” Then we could have fun that way too.”

Nandini’s mother laughed. “It’s okay that we don’t have Erd! We have our Puja, don’t we?”

Nandini asked, “Puja?”

“Yes, Puja! Durga Puja. We have just as much fun as Eid on that day!” Nandini asked excitedly. “Really?”

“Yes. Really, We’ll have brand new clothes to wear and cook all our favourite things. We’ll dress up and go visit our friends and our family. And also. Do you know what beautiful Protima we will have during Puja?”

Nandini asked, “Really?**

Nandini’s mother said, “Yes!”

Nandini asked, “When is Puja?”

“In the autumn. In just a few months.”

Nandini asked, “We all went to Sadib’s house for Eid. When it’s Puja can all my friends come to our house?”

“Why not?”

“Can we all go see the Protima together?”

“Of course!”

Nandini clapped her hands in delight. “It’ll be so much fun! Won’t it?”

“Yes, it will!”

The next day Nandini told her friends Sadib, Anti, and Michael all about Puja. They were so excited to hear about everything they would do together! And after that, they all started counting the days until Puja.

Before Puja, Nandini went with her mother and father to buy new clothes. A stage was being made near their house, and one day a Protima was set up there – Ma Durga on a lion, with Lakkhi and Swarashati next to her. And Kartik and Gonesh are next to them.

Puja celebrations went on for a few days. On one of those days Sadib, Michael, and Anti went to visit Nandini First Nanidni’s mother gave them all tasty treats. Then they all went with Nandini to see the Protima. It was so beautiful! Sadib, Michael, and Anti had never seen anything like it before,

In front of the Protima; many boys and girls were dancing with drums and incense. Michael asked Nandini, “Can you do that too?”

Nandini said, “Not yet, I’m still too little! But I will someday.”

Michael clapped his hands. “That’s so exciting!

Right then they heard someone say on a microphone, “Boys and girls! We will now begin the art competition. Come sit down for those of you who want to participate in the competition.”

Nandini, Sadib, Anti, and Michael all sat down with the other children. A young woman came and handed everyone paper and coloured pencils. They all started drawing their pictures. Nandini drew a sketch of a Protima. Michael always drew pictures of freedom fighters, and that’s what he drew this time too. Anti drew a river with boats and trees and houses on the side. Sadib drew a rose

A young woman in a sari came and collected everyone’s pictures. A few grown-ups looked at each picture and announced the winners. Michael’s freedom fighter picture was very beautiful, so he won a colouring box as a prize! Everyone else got a pen as a gift so that they wouldn’t feel left out. Nandini, Sadib, and Anti were a little jealous of Micheal’s beautiful colouring box, but they didn’t say anything. They all knew that Michael was the best painter out of all of them!

When they all went home, everyone felt a little sad. Such a wonderful Puja was ending of course, they were sad!

That night Anti asked her mother, “Ammu, Sadib had such a lovely Eid, and Nandini had a beautiful Puja. How come we don’t have anything?”

Ammu raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean, we don’t have anything? Don’t you remember? A few weeks ago we had our Buddhist Purnima, we all went to the temple and lit the lamps, and prayed together?”

Anti said, “Oh no Ammu! I forgot to invite my friends then! Now what?”

Ammu laughed. “Don’t worry! In three days we have our Prabarona

Purnima. Then you can invite all your friends.

Anti held her breath. “Will we have tasty things to eat? And new clothes? And gifts? Will we have a lot of fun?”

“Ammu said. “Yes, we will have all of those things! We will have a wonderful time. And, we will have something else too, that I am sure your friends have never seen before!”

Anti’s eyes widened. “What is it, Ammu?”

Ammu smiled. “Nope! I won’t tell you now. It’s a surprise.”

Anti started to wait excitedly for Prabarona Purnima. And when they heard all about it, Sadib, Nandini, and Michael were even more excited.

On the day of Prabarona Purnima Anti’s friends, all came over to their house. Anti’s Ammu.cooked delicious foods to eat. Sadib rubbed his belly when he was done eating and said, “I ate so much today that my stomach is like a football!”

Everyone laughed..

At sunset, Anti took Sadih, Nandini, and Michael to the roof of her house. The full moon had already risen – they had never seen such a big, beautiful moon. They looked at it in wonder,

A little while later Anti's father came and said to them, “Children, come with me.

Anti asked, “Where are we going?”

Abbu said, “The park.”

Anti wanted to know, “What is happening at the park***

Ammu said, “We won’t tell you now-you’ll see when you get there!

Sadib, Nandini, Anti, and Michael held each other’s hands and walked to the park with Anti’s parents. When they got there, they saw that there was a crowd around some things that were shaped like balloons, made out of thin paper. A few people were doing something with fire underneath those things.

Anti asked, “Abbu, what is that?”

Abbu said, “That is called a sky lantern.”

Anti asked, “What are they for?”

Abbu said, “Just watch!”

They all watched. Several people held the sky lantern while another person lit a fire underneath it. The sky lantern filled up with hot air from the fire and became big and round and started to glow,

As soon as they let go, the glowing sky lantern slowly rose up into the sky, swaying from side to side. Everyone clapped their hands in delight

In the middle of the park, people started releasing sky lanterns one after another. They all rose up into the air, all different colours and sizes. They were so beautiful!

Then a young woman asked Sadib, Nandini, Anti, and Micheal, “Do you want to fly one?”

They were a little scared of putting the fire under the sky lantern, but they all said “Yes!”

The young woman took them to the middle of the field. Someone handed them a big, brightly coloured sky lantern. They each held one corner while the

Lady lit a fire on a rag attached to the bottom of the sky lantern. The sky lantern slowly filled up with hot air, and the glowing light spread everywhere.

Nandini asked, “Should we let go now?”

The lady said, “Everyone together. I’ll count to three. Are you ready?”

“We’re ready!”

“One… two… three!” And all four of them let go. The sky lantern rose up into the sky, spreading a beautiful light.

Sadib. Nandini, Anti, and Michael clapped their hands and jumped together happily. “Ours is the biggest! And the prettiest! And ours is going the highest!”

Everyone around them laughed and nodded their heads. They all gazed at Their sky lantern as it went higher and higher and looked smaller and smaller.

Soon, it looked just like a star.

Michael asked his father a few days later, “Abbu, Sadib had Eid, Nandini had Puja, and Anti had Prabarona Purnima. When is our Christmas?”

Abbu said, “On the 25th of December. As soon as winter comes!”

Michael tried to count on his fingers to figure out when it would be Christmas. “How much longer is that?”

“Just two more months!”

“What will we do at Christmas, Abbu?”

“We’ll do what we always do! We’ll have new clothes. Your mother will make a delicious roast chicken and cake. And if you aren’t naughty, if you’re very good, then I’ll take you to Santa Claus.

“Santa Claus?”

“Yes.” Abbu nodded. “Don’t you remember? Santa Claus has a big huge white beard. He wears a red hat and a big red coat. He has a big sack full of toys! He gives a toy to every boy and girl who was good all year.”

Michael’s eyes widened, “Abbu, if we bring my friends to see Santa

Claus, will he give them toys too?”

Abbu laughed. “If your friends are very good all year, he’ll give them Toys too!”

The next morning, Michael told his friends how Santa Claus would give them a gift if they were very good all year. They all decided that they would have to start being good right away.

They tried very hard to be good for the next two months. It wasn’t easy at all and sometimes they ended up being naughty by accident. But as soon as they remembered Santa Claus they immediately tried to be good again

Finally, it was Christmas morning! Michael’s father took Michael and his three friends to see Santa Claus. Santa Claus had a red hat, a big red jacket, and he had a big white beard. He was wearing a belt to hold in his big belly! When he saw Michael, Nandini, Anti, and Sadib, he laughed, “Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas!”

They all replied, “Merry Christmas!”

Then Santa Claus made them sit down next to him. He asked, “Have you been good boys and girls all year?”

They all nodded their heads.

He asked, “Have you been naughty?”

Even though they had been naughty by accident sometimes, they didn’t say that. They said, “No, we weren’t naughty!”

Then Santa Claus laughed again and reached into his big sack to take out Toys for them. Michael got a ball, Sadib got a top, and Nandini and Anti both got dolls.

Michael’s parents took everyone home. Michael’s Ammu made roast chicken and cake for everyone. Michael’s family members had all come over, with their little boys and girls. They all played together. It was wonderful!

A few days later Sadib, Nandini, Anti, and Michael were playing together. While they were playing Sadib asked, “Guess what?”

Nandini said, “What?”

Sadib replied, “We are happier than anyone else in the world!”

Anti asked, “Why are we happier?” Sadib said, “If people don’t have friends like us, they only have fun

Once. Some people only have fun on Eid. Some people only have fun on Puja.

Michael nodded. “Yes! If people don’t have friends like us, they only have fun on Prabarona Purnima. Or on Christmas.”

Anti smiled. “But what about us?”

Nandini said, “We have fun on Eid.”

Sadib said, “We have fun on Puja.”

Michael said, “We have fun on Prabarona Purnima

Anti said, “We have fun on Christmas!”

Then the four of them clapped their hands and danced together. “How fun! Hooray!”





Now in groups/pairs find out the meanings of the following words, Also, write a sentence of your own with these words. If necessary, take the help of a dictionary or your teacher. Then, share the table with the class. One is done for you.

দিলে/ জোড়ায় নিচের শব্দুলোর অর্থ খুঁজে বের করো। তাছাড়াও শব্দগুলো দিয়ে নিজে একটি বাক্য তৈরী করো। প্রয়োজনে অভিধান অথবা তোমার শিক্ষকের সাহায্য নাও। তারপর শ্রেণিতে সারনিটি Share করো। একটি তোমার জন্য করে দেয়া আছে।




Your sentence

Bend down  
GiggleKeep laughing in a childlike wayWho is giggling there?
Gazed at  




Can you remember the characteristics of a story? If needed open page and have a look. One of the main characteristics of a story is ‘the theme of the story. Now, read the note in the following box and find out the major theme of the story ‘Four Friends’. Then explain It to the class. 

তোমার পড়া গল্পের বৈশিষ্ট্যগুলোর কথা মনে আছে। যদি প্রয়োজন হয় তাহলে পৃষ্ঠা নং...... খোলা গল্পের একটি প্রধান বৈশিষ্ট্য হচ্ছে গল্পের বিষয়বস্তু। নিচের Box থেকে Note টি পড়ো এবং Four Friend’s গল্পের মূল বিষয়বস্তু খুঁজে বের করো। তারপর শ্রেণিতে এটাকে ব্যাখ্যা করো।



In a story, you may find more than one theme. The key theme is the lesson that the author wants you to learn. The author doesn’t tell it in the story. You have to understand it. For that, you have to observe the characters, their activities and the results of their activities.

When you will write the theme of a story, remember the following things:

  • You have to write a complete sentence, not a word.
  • You cannot write any character’s name of the story.
  • And finally, the theme of the story will be true for everyone.

For example, the theme of the story A Liar Cowboy’ may be ‘If you lie you lose the trust of people.”


Now, let’s write!

You can start writing the theme of the story ‘Four Friends’ in the following way or you can start in your own way.


The key theme of the story “Four Friends’ is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Because in the story the main characters, the four friends……………………………………………………………………………………….




Think of 2/3 stories that you read already from any of your textbooks (e.g, Bengali, English, etc.) Then, write the name of the story and the key themes next to it in the table below.

তোমার পাঠ্য বইয়ের (বাংলা, ইংরেজি ইত্যাদি) ২/৩ টি গল্পের কথা মনে করো। তারপর গল্পের নাম ও বিষয়বস্তু নিচের সারণিতে লেখ


Name of the storyKey theme




Suppose your school is going to publish the annual magazine. A notice is served to submit writings. Your class has decided to write a text on How we can make our festivals more enjoyable by inviting all our friends. Now, in groups discuss the topic and start writing.

মনে করো তোমার বিদ্যালয় একটি বার্ষিক ম্যাগাজিন ছাপাতে যাচ্ছে। নোটিশ দেয়া হয়েছে লেখা জমা দেয়ার জন্য। তোমার শ্রেণির ছাত্র-ছাত্রীরা স্থির করেছে একটি Text লিখবে “সব বন্ধু-বান্ধবদেরকে দাওয়াত দিয়ে কিভাবে উৎসবগুলোকে আরো বেশী উৎসবমুখর করা যায়। এখন দলে বিষয়টি আলোচনা করো এবং লেখা শুরু করো।


Remember that your writing should have-

  1. A title
  2. What fun activities you will do with your friends
  3. Why you are thinking that if you all celebrate together it will be more enjovable.

When you will finish writing, share it with the class.



Think of a festival that you are going to celebrate next. Then, decide on some of your friends whom you are going to invite to the festival. Now, write an invitation letter to them. In the letter, describe your plan of fun activities like sharing gifts, enjoying delicious food, visiting a special place etc. Also tell them why you want to celebrate the festival with all your friends. Finally, give the letters to your friends. After the celebration of the Festival, don’t forget to share the experience with the class.

এমন একটি উৎসবের কথা ভাব যা তুমি উদযাপন করতে যাচ্ছ। সিদ্ধান্ত নাও, কোন কোন বন্ধুদেরকে তুমি সেই উৎসবে দাওয়াত দিবে। এখন তাদেরকে একটি দাওয়াতপত্র লেখ। দাওয়াত পত্রে তোমার মজাদার পরিকল্পনার বর্ণনা দাও, যেমন উপহার আদান-প্রদান, মজার মজার খাবার খাওয়া এবং বিশেষ কোন স্থান ভ্রমণ করা। তাছাড়াও তাদেরকে বল কেন তুমি তোমার সব বন্ধুদেরকে নিয়ে উৎসবটি উদযাপন করতে চাও। সবশেষে বন্ধুদেরকে চিঠি দাও। উৎসবটি উদযাপনের পরে তোমার অভিজ্ঞতা শ্রেণিতে Share করতে ভুল না।


You can write the invitation letter in the following way or your way.




Dear friend/name of your friend.

I am very excited to tell you that…………………………………………………………………………………………



Please, accept the invitation and  ……………..………………………………………………………………………………………


Your friend

Your name


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